The Helping Hands of Tech Support Services

Computers are a necessity in all businesses these days. From bookkeeping to inventory, most of the businesses have computerized functions. As a result of this dependence on computers, maintaining them has taken a front seat. Companies have to spend a large amount of time and money to ensure that their computers are maintained in proper running condition. Apart from this, they also have to have provisions to solve the everyday problems that might arise.

To help with the maintenance of the systems, there are many third party vendors that provide tech support. These services have become extremely popular due to the advantages that it provides to companies. They are a cheap alternative to having an in house IT support staff. To maintain an in house IT department, companies need to spend a lot of money on infrastructure, salaries and training. Although it is an extremely important department, it is not a part of the core functionality of the company. This is why companies prefer outsourcing their computer help needs.

There are a variety of services that are provided as part of tech support. Whether it is troubleshooting problems or taking care of hardware and software, tech support is responsible for all the computer needs of the company. The IT department is responsible for implementing the security services for the networks. This includes firewall protection that disallows access to restricted websites. Other than this, they are also responsible for regular upkeep of the systems. This includes installing patches or software that is needed and carrying out an inventory for hardware.

There are some specialized services that are required by companies, for example, monitoring the network traffic, intrusion detection and round the clock data center administration. All of these are also taken care of by the support staff. These services ensure that the company’s network is safe and the data does not fall into the hands of someone that should not have access to it. The company clients take data safety issues very seriously and companies have to take full efforts to ensure it.

In this day and age, there are a variety of ways of providing help. Since outsourcing is all the rage due to cost savings, it is very rare that physical tech support is available for companies. But this does not pose a problem. The outsourcers make use of telephones to provide adequate support. Any problems that arise are explained to the agent on the other line and he is trained enough to provide a solution for it. Online chatting is another method by which tech support is able to give answers to queries. As a matter of fact, there are companies that deal solely with providing solutions to IT problems via online chat.

A method that has become increasingly popular in recent years is remotely solving problems. This process needs the business to give access to the company to whom they have outsourced their tech support. Whenever there is a problem with any of the systems, they can remotely login using their credentials and solve the problem. With good internet speeds, this has become a very popular method for providing computer help as it allows full problem resolution.

Good tech support services can cut down on downtime due to computer problems. It is an investment your company should consider making.

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Soon You Will Be One With Your Personal Tech Toys

Computer human interfaces are what is needed for the future. Using a keyboard to input data is a very slow process. If you use voice recognition or speech recognition software, it is three times as fast, and each year it is getting more accurate. Indeed, it may currently be more accurate than your ability to type correctly at the same level or speed.

However, in the future it will be so accurate it will put down exactly what you said, even if you didn’t say it right because it will correct your speech. Artificial intelligence is getting that good, and it will only get better in the future.

Of course, the most incredible leap forward will be when you can control your electronic devices, computer, or personal tech toys with mind control. In other words, you think a thought, and the computer stores it for you and captures that thought, or your personal tech device such as an ultra-smart phone sends that information to someone else’s smart-phone device, which then uploads it directly to their brain.

Anyone that thinks that this technology or those future innovations are not coming, certainly is not talking to the same people that I am, or they don’t realize how far we’ve come in the last three decades. Most people do not remember a time when cell phones didn’t exist.

Indeed, I remember doing business when we didn’t have a fax machine and I was fortunate enough to have one of the first cellular phones, and my phone bill was $1000 a month back in 1985. But it was worth every penny because I was in the service business and increased my efficiency tenfold.

In fact, I no longer had to sit in an office. I could be on a job site checking on one of our work trucks and still run all the business from my pickup. And that was only 25 years ago.

This was well before the Internet was anything to write home about. Are you beginning to see how incredibly advanced the technology got in just 25 years? And look at the advances in the smart phone technology since the year 2000? If you can dream it, that technology will soon be here. Please consider all this.

Lance Winslow is a retired Founder of a Nationwide Franchise Chain, and now runs the Online Think Tank. Lance Winslow believes that if you want online future tech content go to

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Tech Support For Diverse IT Issues

Tech Support has been created to bring instant solution to various hardware and software related issues. It has different versions, like it can be in the form of FORUM (discussion) or it may be an organized enterprise to provide live interactive session to solve any issue.

The former mode of support brings the global users close to each other so that they can put their experience and issues in the form of language. There are different forums, which are offering free registration to create an account. Here the users need to post their question and get their answers. The users can get their answers on real-time as well as after some time. It depends upon the frequency of other users getting interacted with the similar issue.

Tech Forum welcomes the users for getting diverse range of solution, for example it may be related to Spyware, Malware, Virus Issues, Windows, Microsoft, Linux, Networking, Security, Hardware, and Gaming. Users need to follow the guidelines of the Tech forum.

PC computer troubleshooting for the error message “.dll File is missing.” There could be several reasons behind. A.dll file could be uninstalled due to removal of any program, or it may be overwritten by some new program installed. In extreme cases there could be a hardware corruption like bad hard disk or other responsible for the missing of file.

Alternatively, you can get your interactive solution from different enterprises. This computer technical support is available in two categories. Primarily issue can be resolved remotely or secondarily chances are there, it may require on site visit. But majority of Tech Support is made available by remote session. Now again the remote session has been classified as:

Chat session: Here the issue is resolved by the tech support by means of chat over emails.

Live chat: This is the hotline conversation to fix the computer issue.

Spyware are concerned with doing spying work with your computer, means without your knowledge it can steals valuable database from your system. The database may be your important file, photos or anything related to your online shopping and so on. Hence, spyware can cause drastic loss to the users. It can make his life hell by taking the details of login password and banking information. These are targeted to the user pc from remote Internet location. Hence it is recommended to install Anti-spyware to stand against them.

Remote control: Here the tech support would take the entire access of your computer with the help of some remote software. He will solve the issue by directly interfering with your system. But it requires your permission to take the remote control over your computer.

It has been organized to help different customer segments. It has been broadly classified as Home User, Business user and Enterprises. For getting seamless tech Support many organization prefer to take annual plans from the tech support service provider.

Tech Company offers periodic PC health checkup programs to analyze the system performance regularly. Hence the users can leave behind their worry and concentrate on their business in a better way.

John is a technical expert associated with numerous tech firms including iYogi. iYogi is synergistically aligned to offer services and support like tech support, computer optimization services, and Computer help

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Technicians Provide Tech Support to Diagnose Computer Issues

Tech support precisely refers to offer assistance to the computer users for resolving various problems and issues. It can be provided either online or on-site. Tech support is required when your system is not functioning as expected. Some of the common issues with computers are enlisted as:

  • Computer is taking much time in saving and opening files
  • Computer gets freeze
  • Blue screen error
  • Computer automatically reboots or turn itself off
  • Any software is not working
  • No sound from speakers
  • Hard disk failure
  • Any driver issue

There can be many other issues with computers. When you face any issue with your system, then you require remote support from a service provider.

You can take computer help and support from any service provider of your choice. A number of technical service providers are available, who offer online technical support to their customers. Online computer support is more beneficial as compared to on-site tech support. The main reason behind this point is the availability, because you can receive online technical help irrespective of your location. But this is not the case with on-site computer help.

You can receive online technical support at a lower price than on-site tech support. In online computer support, you just have to pay once and you can access unlimited services for a fixed time. In online remote support, you just have to sit in your home or in office and your issue gets resolved through the Internet.

When you will take online support from a service provider, then your system should have an Internet connection. When you face any technical issue, you will contact your service provider, and then one of the technicians will access your system after getting your permission.

Technician will diagnose your issue and will resolve it through the Internet. Some of the services offered through online tech support as enlisted as:

  • Installation of new software
  • Configuring settings for Internet, e-mail and Office suite
  • Removal of malicious software
  • Troubleshooting
  • Installation of antivirus and antispyware
  • Windows upgrades

Along with all these above mentioned services, various other services are offered through online support. So, it is viable to say that online technical support is better than on-site tech support.

K.P.Pandey is a technical expert at iYogi, which is an online technical support provider. His firm’s Microsoft Certified Technicians perform complete PC checkup & system optimization, computer support that are essential for keeping your desktop or laptop in good condition, enhancing its life and increasing your productivity.

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Hard Disk Management – A Sensible Tech Support Solution

Corporate computers hold the major part of official dealing stuffs and documents and therefore it is important to keep them organized and well managed to have a systemic access on them. It stores all files, documents, programs, presentations, pictures and other things on single or separate partitions. However, not only official computers but your personal PC also holds various files and folders that need a sensible partition on hard drive. As tech support professionals explain partitioning hard drive means putting up digital fence to split the drive into distinct sections so that you can use them for specific storage purpose. So, how to create such partitioning for perfect data organization!

Before carving up your hard drive you need to have a clear idea about partition management as some of the computer support technicians do not support the idea of creating multiple partitions on a hard drive until it is barely needed. According to them only if you are using dual operating system, hard drive partitioning is essential, else it is wise to stick with one large partition. The older version of Mac and Windows can not support a hard drive partition larger than 2GB. So, if you are having a large memory drive in such older OS version, it is again essential to split them up. However, the advanced hardware and software setups to support large memory slots are been around for over decades now and so these sorts of necessities are no more applicable.

Now if you are working with a large memory slot, there remains a fair possibility to mess up with unwanted clutters. Still you don’t have to worry as computer support companies can offer with specialized disk cleaning utilities that work efficiently to keep the clutters under control. In Windows, such software utilities are known as “disk cleanup”. It helps cleaning temporary files, downloaded program files, compress files and various setup files. As tech support experts refer, it is one way to keep your system clean deleting the unwanted clutters safely. How to get the disk cleanup?

You don’t have to be a software engineer to reach the disk cleanup in your Windows XP. Go to My Computer and right click on your C drive and select the properties. Here you will find the “disk cleanup” option which will prompt your further to clean up your computer hard drive. If you are done with the process, just click OK to finish. As tech support advice, you must perform the task periodically to keep your system run faster and smoother. The process doesn’t involve much time or hassle. You can either set the periodic disk clean up schedule or can do it manually.

Windows has another utility inbuilt that helps rearrange your files and folders, called Defragmenter. Tech support or computer support technicians direct users to defrag their systems in order to move and rearrange the scattered chunks of data so that the files can be stored contiguously creating significant areas of free spaces. So, following expert computer support tips and advice you can carry a smooth running computer even not creating small partitions in your hard disk.

If you want to be your own tech support technician educating yourself in technical field or just wish to know your system better, nothing can help you more that Mytechsupportstore. Visit the remote computer help desk corner and get your issues resolved in minutes.

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